Sunday, September 10, 2017

Elementary Camp at Ishikawa!

Elementary Camp is coming soon! This year it will be from Oct. 3rd - 5th, Tuesday to Thursday, at Ishikawa Shonen Shizen no Ie.
The website for the nature center can be found here

It is also possible to visit the camp ahead of time. There is a nice series of walking trails, for example. Doing so may help your son or daughter feel more comfortable about attending the camp, if you think that is a concern.

 A permission form and packing list came home on Friday, Sept. 8th. Please check the packing list carefully for things to bring and for things to avoid. Also, the permission form should be signed and returned as soon as possible. As mentioned previously, meals will be provided by the staff and we will not require parent volunteers.

 Here is a copy of the camp letter in case you need another copy.

Elementary Camp is a great time and I'm sure this year will be too!

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