Thursday, March 2, 2017

Chance for Extra Credit in Science

Some students have asked for a chance to earn extra credit in Science. I am happy to report that there is a way for students to earn that extra credit!

Relevant non-fiction books are signed out from the OCSI library for every new unit and are available in my classroom. Students are welcome to read them at any time in the course of class. They have also recently learned how to do a non-fiction book report. The extra credit will combine the two.

Students may receive extra credit for reading a non-fiction book and completing a report on it. The report should be completed in the same fashion as it was for Reading. Extra credit must be completed before March 21, 2017. The extra credit will be applied to the overall grade prior to the report card at the end of the quarter. This opportunity will be available again in the 4th quarter.

This will be a good chance for students to deepen their knowledge about the current topic and practice their report-writing skills! I hope many of them will take advantage of this opportunity.

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