Thursday, February 9, 2017

Reformation Lesson 3 - Spread of Protestantism

Here is the link for the video of me reading The Reformation Lesson 3 - The Spread of Protestantism from the Social Studies textbook. Students have already pasted the four questions into their notebooks.

There are two questions that rely on reading comprehension. Question 3 asks for an opinion. Question 4 requires students to take each side of Henry VIII's decision to establish an independent Anglican Church.

In case someone does not have the questions, they are:
1. a. What did Ulrich Zwingli and Martin Luther agree about?
    b. What things was Zwingli against that he thought was not supported by Scripture?
2. In which countries did Protestantism grow and displace the Roman Catholic Church?
3. Do you think King Henry VIII of England was right to break with the Catholic Church and make his own church because his wife did not provide him with an heir?
4. Debate: give a reason why King Henry VIII was right to start the Anglican Church and wrong to start the Anglican Church.

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