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Biome Project

Biome Project

We are working on a group project to learn more about the different biomes in our world. I have linked resources for each of the different biomes we are studying. Some of the educational sites may require a login. Please get parental permission before signing up for anything online. In the attachments below, there are the details of the project. Remember to stay focused and on top of each section so your project is turned in on time. Remember to be neat, organized, and creative in your presentation.
Biomes: Groups
Review: Brain Pop Video Land Biomes
                                        Food Chain

Biomes of the World: Information on ALL of them

Brain Pop Video: Tundra
Definition of Tundra
Blue Planet Tundra Biome information (map, plants, animals, climate)
National Geographic Tundra Information
Tundra Animal Printouts (information of tundra animals)
Wikipedia: Tundra
Tundra biome information
Taiga and Tundra Video from NeoK12


Brain Pop Video: Taiga
Definition of Taiga
Taiga Blue Planet Biome Information (map, plants, animals, climate)
Wikipedia: Taiga
Taiga Information
Taiga Images
Taiga Animal Printouts (information of taiga animals)
Taiga NatureWorks 
Taiga and Tundra Video from NeoK12 

Tropical Rainforest (Jungle)

Brain Pop Video: Tropical Rainforest
Definition of Rainforest
Wikipedia:  Rainforest
Rainforest Blue Planet Biome Information (map, plants, animals, climate)
Rainforest Facts
What is a Rainforest?
Rainforest Animals
Enchanged Learning: All About Rainforests
Tropical Rainforests for kids
Tropical Rainforest Video from NeoK12
Life in the Tropical Rainforest Video from NeoK12

Temperate Forest/Deciduous Forest

Definition of Temperate Forest
Temperate Forests Glossopedia
Wikipedia: Temperate Forest
Deciduous Forest Blue Planet Biome Information (maps, plants, animals, climate)
Enchanted Learning: Temperate Deciduous Forest  Animal Printout
Temperate/Deciduous Forest Information
Kids Do Ecology: Temperate Forest
Temperate Deciduous Forest Topic Information 
Land Biomes: Temperate Forest
Images for Temperate Forest
Temperate Forest Video from NeoK12
Temperate/Deciduous Forest Video from NeoK12


Brain Pop Video: Desert
Definition of Desert
Wikipedia: Desert
Desert Blue Planet Biome Information (maps, plants, animals, climate)
Enchanted Learning: Desert Biome Animal Printouts
Desert Animals and Wildlife
Desert Images
Desert Biome Information
Desert Topics
Sahara Desert Video from NeoK12
Desert Wildlife Video from NeoK12
Desert Cacti Video from NeoK12
Desert Plants and Cactus Video from Neo K12
Desert Biome Video from Neo K12
Plant Growth of Tropical Flowers in the desert Video from NeoK12
How desert insects, scorpions and snakes survive Video from NeoK12

Grasslands (Savanna)

Brain Pop Video: Savanna
Definition of Savanna
Wikipedia: Savanna
Savanna Blue Planet Biome Information (map, plants, animals, climate)
Enchanted Learning: Savanna Animal Printouts
Savanna Biome Information
Grassland Biome Information
Savanna Images
Savanna Video from NeoK12
Grassland Video from NeoK12

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