Sunday, November 6, 2016

Japanese Prefectures (and American States, too)

We have been learning a little about the Japanese prefectures in anticipation of our unit study of Feudal Japan and the trip to Kansai in May.

The students seemed pretty amazed that I have memorized all of the prefectures and asked me how I did it. One was to buy a bath wall poster from a 100-yen shop to put up above the tub.

But the main way was using an app which I have also shown to the students. It has a map of Japan and a menu of prefectures that players need to drag and drop to the correct location, with varying levels of difficulty. It's published by a company called Digital Gene. They have also published apps for several other countries, including USA, UK, and Indonesia. There is even a World app and a Feudal Japan app. Try them all!

These are free downloads from the Google Play store or the Apple store.

My record on the iPhone Expert level is 58"45. Can you beat it?

There is also an app for learning the towns in Okinawa (and the rest of Japan). In Japanese only.

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