Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Place Value Chapter Challenge! Let's Map Japan!

Students have begun bringing Mathematics homework home. They have been doing a good job of being diligent at their work in class!

We also have a special project that is open to both Ninja class and Ocean class of grade 5! This will be a great way to earn classroom currency.

The goal is to rank the prefectures of Japan by land area (as measured in square kilometers) from greatest to least. A list of the prefectures and a map of Japan have been posted in room 308 (one for 5.1 and one for 5.2). Every day each student may write the land area of ONE prefecture on the list and then shade it on the map. Once each of the prefectures have been shaded the class will then reorder the list from greatest to least. Students can research the prefectures at home and bring the information to school but remember, each student may only record ONE prefecture's land area each day.

Which class will be first to complete the map?

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